Luc completed studies in Law and Criminology, and developed a career as a journalist in Polynesia. He has practised yoga for more than twenty years and teaches it since 2005.

He followed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga training in Mysore Mandala Yoga Shala in India delivered by SHESHADRI. In addition, he completed training courses with SHRI K PATTABHI JOIS, SHARRAT (Karnataka), Arnaud KANCEL (France), Pétri RAISANEN and VIJAY AMAR (Goa).

Furthermore, Luc followed a Vini Yoga training delivered by François LORIN, a DESHIKATCHAR’s student (Madras) and member of the Institut Français du Yoga, as well as a Nepalese Hatha Yoga training by Rishi.

President of the association Ashtanga Yoga Catalunya for 10 years, Luc teaches Ashtanga and an original version of Vinyasa including different adapted sequences, with partner poses, mudras and pranayama.

Sabine DU CAU

She pursued graduate training in Psychology and Graphology and practised classical dance for more than fifteen years.

She has practiced Hatha Yoga since 2004, following several intensive and advanced training courses. She has also practised Ashtanga Yoga with Luc since 2012 and completed Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga courses delivered by VIJAY Amar at the Universal Yoga Centre of Goa in India.